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The carpark leaflet

The job that we referred to as ‘the carpark leaflet’ lasted about 10 years. It was the free leaflet given to the 600,000 or so visitors to Chatsworth House and Gardens every year. We reprinted every season, updated the seasonal attractions of the House and Garden, and used the opportunity to tinker with design of the map. We improved accessibility, developed symbols, reworded information, and worked closely with illustrator Ian Bott who created the 3D drawings from photographs and a flat plan.

What did they say?

Sara has worked for the Chatsworth Estate as one of our principal designers for many years, and over that time has consistently produced a high standard for us, reflecting Chatsworth’s attractions, events and services clearly and elegantly. Her attention to detail, insistence on precision, accuracy and simplicity, and her subtle interpretation of our corporate identity, has helped us present Chatsworth to a wide and diverse audience. Her style and approach has suited our profile and message extremely well.

Simon Seligman, Head of Communication, Chatsworth House Trust, 2008


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