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The Church on the Common

Bespoke lettering to be used as part of a visual identity for St John’s church, Harpenden. Finding the right place between formal and informal, traditional and contemporary.

What did they say?

Some months ago, we decided that we wanted to have a visual identity for St John’s that accurately reflected the church and its mission; we approached several professionals to help us with this and selected Sara Chapman from www.letterg.co.uk, a Harpenden typographic design company — a decision we have not regretted! Sara met with a small subcommittee of the PCC to explore what it was that we were trying to achieve and how we saw ourselves; we looked at examples of branding of other churches and the impressions that gave of those places such as ‘formal’, ‘contemporary’, ‘traditional’. We came up with a clear statement, based on our mission action plan, of the values we wanted the brand to convey — that we were a welcoming, Christian, reverent and relaxed community — and that our communications should reflect that statement in their look and feel. We also agreed that we wanted a straightforward ‘logo’ based on the name ‘St John’s but including a simple cross. Sara developed various ideas with us, including the use of the cross in place of the apostrophe, and designed a hand-drawn logo, which we felt encapsulated both the tradition and simplicity of our church and our mission but with a contemporary feel. The cross itself mirrors the design of the altar cross. From St John’s Parish Magazine

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